San Diego State University is announcing the third and last call for applications in frames of a doctoral research support program for young Georgian scholars. The project is funded by the U.S. Department of State and implemented by San Diego State University (SDSU).  Distinguished Professor of Biology Dr. Walter Oechel of San Diego State University (PI) and Dr. Halil Guven, Dean of San Diego State University Georgia (Co-PI) have been provided U.S Embassy federal award, the purpose of which is to implement a project “Supporting STEM research and graduate education in Georgia” in partnership with SDS U’s main campus. This project aims to strengthen the quantitative and qualitative research skills and academic writing skills of young Georgian scholars; raise collaborating Georgian scholars’ research capacity to international standards; increase interaction between Georgian and American academics and researchers, and mentor and coach Georgian scholars for publishing research papers in Georgian and Western academic peer-reviewed journals in STEM fields.

Under the program, young Georgian scholars matriculated in a Ph.D. program at a Georgian-accredited University, will be given an opportunity to visit San Diego State University and conduct a part of their research in the U.S. Following two calls for applications, 10 students from Georgian universities, primarily Ilia State University, Tbilisi State University, and Tbilisi State Medical University, have thus far been chosen for participation. The third and last call for applications will be open from November 1, 2022, through November 30, 2022. The selection of the candidates will be on a competitive basis depending on the number of meritorious proposals. The program supports up to 18 Georgian Ph.D. students. The maximum duration of the program is 3 months.