The program “Supporting STEM Research and Graduate education in Georgia” is open to all potential applicants matriculated as a graduate student at any accredited Georgian university and designed to provide them with the opportunities to:

  1. Identify and develop new contacts, which will promote further collaboration between Georgian and U.S. scientists.
  2. Explore new research approaches using the facilities of modern and well-equipped U.S. laboratories.
  3. Receive training on modern scientific equipment.
  4. Advance the grantees’ research activities and increase their exposure and visibility in the international research community.
  5. Continue research collaboration with newly established U.S. partners.
  6. Strengthen the quantitative and qualitative research skills.
  7. Develop academic writing skills of young Georgian scholars.
  8. Help raise Georgian scholars’ research capacity to international standards.
  9. Mentor and coach Georgian scholars for publishing research papers in Georgian and Western academic peer-reviewed journals in STEM fields; participation in international conferences
  10. Improve scientific English proficiency of program participants.
  11. Expand Georgian researchers’ capacity to use quantitative and qualitative methods in STEM-related research topics, mastery in academic writing and possibly developing an analytical paper, and communicate research findings to educators, researchers, practitioners, and policy makers.

12. Develop and/or improve research library use (digital and hard copy) capabilities.